Saturday, December 5, 2015

Suggestions on 7th CPC Recommendations

The following observations on the 7th CPC recommendations are placed before the CHQ on behalf of this union.
1.     The minimum pay of Rs.18000/- fixed by the 7th CPC is very unscientific .The price of the essential commodities considered by the 7th CPC for arriving the minimum pay according to Akroyd Formula is irrational and is very much less than the open market price.  The calculation has to be revised with actual market price and the minimum pay of not less than Rs.26000/- has to be recommended.
2.    The fitment formula has to be raised as 3.7 as we demanded.
3.    The contribution towards NPS should be reduced to 6%.
4.    The multi works performed by the Postal Assistants has been duly considered by the 5th CPC and higher pay than the other central government clerical staff is recommended for Postal Assistants which is not in the 7th CPC.  Besides, we have surrendered many posts for TBOP and BCR which is not in other departments.  So, higher pay recommended for Postal Assistants in earlier CPCs should be restored.
5.    The abolition of various allowances and advances is retrograde and all allowances and advances should continue.  While special pay/allowance are being given to the cashiers in banks and PSUs, refusing the same to the Government employees is irrational.
6.    The recommendation of the 7th CPC not to bring the allowances of the GDS under Government exchequer is very dangerous and should not be accepted at any cost
7.    The reduction in the rate of HRA should be as in the past viz 10%,20% and 30%
8.    The reduction in the CCL for the second 365 days should be scraped and existing system should continue.
9.    The tightened norms for MACP and increment are barbaric and trying to make employees as slaves.  The restoration of Efficiency Bar should not be accepted.
10.        The benefit on increment is very low and annual increment @ 5%  
    to be demanded.  Likewise, the financial uplift at the time of
    promotion is very low.  Hence 2 increments at the time of
    promotion subject to a minimum of Rs.3000/- to be demanded.

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