Monday, March 28, 2016


1.     The main base for the non accessibility of the Finacle server, is either with the Main server capacity or the programming done by the Infosys.  Band-with alone is not the reason for the slowness in Finacle.  So, server as in Railways has to be installed.  If necessary post offices across the country may be divided into four zones and one server for each zone with inter accessibility may be installed.  The band with for single handed and other S.Os should be increased.

2.     If for any reason, the Finacle is down, the tendency of the administration to instruct the officials to perform the work in one way or other should be stopped immediately.  For example, the instruction issued to accept the transaction under BCP scheme as Finacle is down is irrational.  The entering all the account numbers in Excel sheet is cumbersome as all the accounts are having 10 digits which leads to chances for misquotation with serious consequences.  If server is down, the practice followed at Nationalized Banks has to be followed at Post Offices also and the CBS operations should be stopped till the Finacle is up.

3.     For the last three weeks, in order to improve the accessibility of the Server, various Menus for printing like Pass Book printing, Certificate Printing has been disabled which leads to more pressure on the staff as all the printing work is accumulating and to be done when Finacle is up.  Besides, CC Bridge and CC returns cannot be performed now.

4.     The practice of taking back dated reports from MIS server is ridiculous as on most of the days the MIS server is down.  It should be set right. Besides asking various reports by the higher offices should be dispensed with and necessary option may be provided to them to access the details required as all the works are performed in Finacle and reports can be viewed by the officers well.

5.     In SSA, total deposit in a Financial year should not exceed Rs.150000/- but there is no provision to stop any excess deposit in any single account.  The official as well as the public suffers due to excess deposit in SSA account.  Mechanism to disallow any excess deposit above the limit should be provided.

6.      For Cash Certificates, either the present system of  Certificates with specified denomination has to be dispensed with as in banks for Fixed Deposit or Higher denomination up to Rs.100000/- to be introduced for all Post Offices as printing of cash certificates consumes much time.

7.     The supervisors should be given option to reconcile the errors committed by the clerks at counter while making deposit entry with reverse option as in PPF deposits. 

8.     In RD accounts Pre Mature closure is not allowed if any advance deposits is made, till the lapse of the period up to which advance deposits has been made by the depositor. It denies the right of the depositor to close the account prematurely.  Provision may be made to close the accounts with advance deposits with provision to recover the rebate given for the advance deposits.

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