Monday, May 21, 2012

Chances are not often automatic, but to create by innovation

    Chances are not often  automatic, but to create by innovation
Who doesn’t  want an interesting job or a challenging one and an exciting one too?  But it’s also a fact that just any job can be as exciting or a monotonous one.  It doesn’t depend on the job, but on who is doing the job and what kind of an attitude the individual brings to the table.
Myself often reminds in many staff forums that there is no distinction between the back office and the front office. Recognize that both are equally sacred as all of us do our respective jobs to serve that end Customer.  Yet another example is that scores of our executives who have put in decades of experience come day in and day out with tremendous enthusiasm as though it’s their first day at Department.  It is a known fact that their job profiles don’t change on a daily basis to cause that kind of an excitement. These executives have something that makes them feel absolutely excited about their jobs. Possessing just that one quality protects all of us from sliding into the mode of monotony. What is that quality?
 Welcome to the weekstarter and we wish you all an exciting week ahead.

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