Monday, October 26, 2015


The following subjects are taken up with the SP for the ensuing monthly meeting on 30.10.2015.
1.  Request to provide chairs for public at Chengapalli S.O.
2.  Request de-quarterisation of Cheyur S.O.
3.  Request supply of three fans at Delivery hall of Gandhinagar S.O.
4.   Request supply of two bar-code scanners to Veerapandi S.O.
5.  Request to attach one P.A. to Vijayapuram S.O.
6.  Request diversion of one GDSMD post to Vijayapuram S.O.
7.  Request to attach the two GDSMD posts at Nallur B.O. with Vijayapuram S.O.
8.  Request to fill up the P.A. post of Seeliyur S.O., Thalavadi S.O. and Muthoor S.O.
9.  Request good repairing of Genset (15KV) at Mettupalayam H.O.
10.       Request to provide one GDSMD at Ellisnagar S.O.

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