Tuesday, August 21, 2012

தாராபுரம் HO தகுதியிறக்கம் -- கைவிடக்கோரி மடல் - SP திருப்பூர் மற்றும் PMG Western Region ஆகியோருக்கு ***

தாராபுரம் HO தகுதியிறக்கம் -- கைவிடக்கோரி மடல் - SP திருப்பூர்  மற்றும்   PMG  Western Region  ஆகியோருக்கு ****   
LETTER NO : P3/TRU/ Union subjects                                                               DATE: 21/8/2012

   The Superintendent of Post offices,
   Tirupur division,  Tirupur-641601 .

     Sub : Proposal for Downgradation of Dharapuram HO   -Reg
    Ref  : SPO’s Tirupur Letter No  A-19 dtd 31.5.2012

              Apropos to the letter cited above, our union put forth the following  arguments in support of our stand that  our union is “NOT FAVORING” for the  Proposal for Downgradation of Dharapuram HO.  

1.      Previously Tirupur district was not in vogue , the SOs situated in erstwhile  Erode revenue district were proposed for transfer to Erode HPO.
2.      Now,  Eight SOs are proposed to place under Erode HPO from Dharapuram HPO. But all the SOs are situated in the newly formed Tirupur  district.
3.      The staff residing in Tirupur district and working in the above offices are to face transfer in future in Erode district only. This will cause much inconvenience to the staff members.
4.      The concept of Revenue district based divisions will be defeated as the proposal  suggested before the formation of  Tirupur Revenue District is not prevailing atpresent.
5.      Dharapuram  is  fastly growing town in Tirupur District and having a geographical importance enrouting  towards south Tamilnadu . Hence, there is a valid potential to grow in its postal traffic.
6.      If the number of SOs are insufficient to sustain the Dharapuram HPO, the possibilities of transferring of some SOs to Dharapuram HPO may be explored.

        It is requested to afford kind consideration of our useful arguments and arrange to drop the proposal for down gradation of Dharapuram HO   

                                                                     -----------  N.SUBRAMANIAN
                                                                                      DIVISIONAL SECRETARY P3  NFPE TIRUPUR

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