Wednesday, September 23, 2009

போராடுவோம்! கோரிக்கைகளை வென்றெடுப்போம்!!

General Secretary's Desk
The Postal JCA including GDS unions met 21.09.09 discussed in detail about the situation prevailing on GDS committee report and the inordinate delay in its implementation over ten months. The JCA also noted with concern that the modification sought for on pro rata wages, increment, Fixation formula etc have not been incorporated in the Cabinet memo.
After a thorough discussion the JCA has decided to serve Strike notice immediate on 22.09.09 for the proposed indefinite Strike from 07.10.09 on two point Charter of Demands as follows: -
(1) Approve and implement immediately the GDS Pay Commission with the modifications sought by the Staff Side; and
(2) Remove the discrimination against the GDS on the issue of grant of Bonus ceiling.
Postal JCA also decided to organize a Joint Strike Tour in all Circles between 01.10.09 to 05.10.09.
Attention of All Branch/Divisional Secretaries This Strike action is only for the immediate settlement of GDS Pay Committee report. We have not included any other demands since the importance of the demand should not be diluted. It is the GDS who participated the Bonus strike for Departmental employees and all the strikes even though their demands were not found place. The December 2008 episode should not be repeated in any division/circles who have miserably failed then. 100% participation should be ensured by all members by organizing tours , meetings etc. Don't forget! It is our primary duty to extend all help to GDS for settlement of their fundamental demands. Please ensure the Strike a most successful one.
All Circle Secretaries are requested to tour their circles intensively and ensure full participation of all cadres in the ensuing Strike from 07.10.09. Reports shall be sent to CHQ as frequently as possible about the mobilization and other issues.
Let us unite, shed our differences if any for the cause of GDS and for their upliftment. Let us show our oneness in the strike and mitigate the GDS demands.

The Department of Posts has caused orders vide its OM no. 4-7/(MACPs)/2009/PCC dt. 18.09.09 for the implementation of MACP scheme in the Department of Posts. The full text of the orders is being published in the ensuing Bhartiya Post and also exhibited in our CHQ Website.
1. Three Financial upgradations under MACP at intervals of 10,20 & 30 years of continuous regular service with effect from 1.9.2008.
2. The TBOP & BCR shall stand withdrawn with effect from 1.9.2008.
3. There shall be no change in the designation, classification or higher status, but financial & other benefits shall be permitted.
4. Action should be finalized at once for grant of TBOP/BCR due for the period till 31.08.2008.
5. Screening Committee should be constituted immediately for grant of MACP. There shall be a time schedule and meet twice in a financial year. Preferably in the first week of January & First week of July for advance processing of the cases maturing in that half year.
6. No stepping up of pay in the pay band or grade pay would be admissible.
This MACP is based on the DOPT orders and it should be read with the DOPT order dated 19.05.2009.
The main features of the DOPT orders stated above is as follows: -
(i) There shall be three financial upgradations counted from the direct entry grade on completion of 10,20 & 30 years respectively.
(ii) Financial upgradation will be admissible whenever a person has spent 10 years continuously in the same grade pay.
(iii) Benefit of pay fixation for regular promotion shall be allowed on MACP. 3% of the total pay in the Pay band and grade pay drawn before such upgradation shall be granted.
(iv) However no further fixation of pay on regular promotion if it is in the same grade pay as granted under MACP. If higher grade pay, only difference of grade pay is admissible on regular promotion.
(v) Promotions earned in the Post carrying same grade pay in the promotional hierarchy as per Recruitment Rules shall be counted for the purpose of MACPs.
(vi) 'Regular Service' shall commence from the date of joining of a Post
(vii) On grant of financial upgradation, there shall be no change in the designation, classification or higher status. However, financial and certain other benefits such as HBA, allotment of quarters shall be permitted.
(viii) The Financial upgradation would be on non functional basis subject to fitness, in the hierarchy of grade pay within the PB I (No bench Mark application up to Rs.2800/- Grade Pay). Thereafter application of bench mark 'good' will be there till the grade pay of Rs.6600/- in PB 3.
(ix) No reservation orders/roster shall apply to the MACPs
(x) Financial upgradation under the MACPs shall be purely personal to the employee and shall have no relevance to his seniority position.
(xi) If a regular promotion has been offered but was refused by the employee before becoming entitled to a financial upgradation, no financial upgradation shall be allowed. He will not be eligible for further financial upgradation till he agrees to be considered for promotion again and the second and the next financial upgradiaton shall also be deferred to the extend of period of debarment due to the refusal.
The Department of Posts has simply adopted the orders without any deviation. Certainly the introduction of MACP scheme in the Postal is another mile stone ahead in our history. All are requested to send their feed backs about the MACP.

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